Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Man, the Brits love mysteries

I was at the town library yesterday and decided to peruse the mystery DVDs. I've done so and checked out some videos in the past, but it didn't really hit me until then just how many of the shows they have are British. By and large our cousins across the pond outnumbered the domestically made fare and it made me think about just how much in general the Brits love a good mystery. Certainly our TV networks over here aren't slackers when it comes to producing a police show (hell, Hallmark even has a channel specifically for mysteries*), but nothing on the level BBC and the other channels over there are putting out.

I think the Brits have us beat on quality too. The broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox) tend to play it safe and come out with cookie cutter shows. They also tend to cling to the really successful shows until they've long since grown long in the tooth (*coughcoughSVUcoughcough*).

We could and should take lessons from the British when it comes to mystery television. Certainly wouldn't hurt.

*When it isn't airing Christmas movies.

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